Hamsterkiste Englishbox Storytelling



Once upon a time there were three bears; the mother bear, the father bear and the baby bear who lived in a house in the woods. One morning the mother bear made porridge for breakfast. When the three bears sat at the table to eat, they found that the porridge was too hot. "Let's go for a walk to the river," the mother bear said. "The porridge will be cool enough to eat when we return." So off they went. 

Nearby, Goldilocks was walking in the woods. "I've been walking such a long time, and I'm tired and hungry," Goldilocks said. Just then Goldilocks saw the three bear's house. "Maybe there is something to eat in there," Goldilocks said, and went inside. 

Goldilocks saw the food on the table, and decided to try it. First Goldilocks tried the father bear's porridge but it was too hot. Then Goldilocks tried the mother bear's porridge but it was too cold. But the baby bear's porridge was just right, and Goldilocks ate it all up. 

"My goodness I'm sleepy," Goldilocks said entering the bedroom. Goldilocks sat on the father bear's bed, but it was too hard. Goldilocks then sat on the mother bear's bed, but it was too soft. The baby bear's bed was just right, and Goldilocks fell asleep there. 

In a short while the three bears returned from the river. "Someone's been eating my porridge!" said the father bear. "Someone's been eating my porridge too!" said the mother bear." Someone's been eating my porridge, and they at it all up!" cried the baby bear. They looked around the house to find who had done this. When they looked in the bedroom they saw Goldilocks asleep on baby bear's bed. Just then Goldilocks woke up, saw the three bears and screamed. The three bears tried to catch Goldilocks, but Goldilocks ran out of the woods and all the way home.