Hamsterkiste Englishbox Storytelling


John's Snowman

Once upon a time there was a little boy called John. One morning in January he woke up and looked out of the window "Ah! It`s snowing! " he said. He put on his red pullover and his blue jeans. He put on his black boots and his red hat and his coat and ran into the garden.

First he made a small snowball for the head and then a larger one for the body. He gave the snowman a scarf around his neck. He made his face with coals and a carrot. Soon it was time for bed. At eleven o` clock he woke up and got out of bed.

John ran to the window and looked out in the garden to his snowman. He was still there. At midnight he woke up again, put on his dressing-gown and went into the garden. "How do you do? " said the snowman.

John couldn `t believe his ears. "Hello snowman!  Come in!" he said. John showed him around the house. "This is the sitting-room and this is the radiator".  "I don `t like hot things, "said the snowman.  “So come on then. This is the kitchen and here is the fridge."  "I like cold things , " said the snowman.

They went upstairs to the bedroom and the snowman dressed up.  He put on a pair of glasses, a tie, a pair of trousers and a hat. After that they ran into the garden, across the snow and up, up in the air. Suddenly they were flying. Then the snowman said: “ It`s six o`clock. We must go back!" At last the snowman said "Good night!" and John went to sleep. 

When he woke up in the morning the sun was shining and John looked into the garden …